Tech Support

I offer free technical advice and problem diagnosis, I also provide tech support and repair for a very competitive price.
(Physical support in Hampshire area only or devices can be sent by Tracked Delivery and diagnosed and/or repaired once received).
Use live chat or Email form for information.

I appear as Jamie Bode with a blue name when connected to live chat with a username of Mario_Man632.

Software and Services I may need to use during a support session

Both Discord and Skype are communication programs, although I prefer to use discord as it does not require people to sign up for an account like an irc app and can be used without any installation.

Discord Logo Skype Logo

AnyDesk is a remote control and support program. AnyDesk is able to be run without being installed. Sessions can also be terminated at any time by closing AnyDesk and your input to the computer will override my control via AnyDesk.

AnyDesk Logo

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