SX OS Switch CFW Install and Demo

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Due to a copyright claim from the Belgian Anti-piracy Federation claiming to be Nintendo taken down the video and my attempts to appeal this have been denied by YouTube.

Direct Link to Video:

In this video I show how to install SX OS and demonstrate it’s main uses.

WARNING: Please be aware like all CFW you do run the risk of getting your console banned or any linked NNID Banned if you install a CFW.
If you are going to install CFW follow these steps to prevent getting banned (Not Guaranteed to work though):

  1. Don’t play backups of games with online functionality or online multiplayer like Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon 2.
  2. Don’t Link a NNID to the switch. Have a 2nd Switch for official games and online.
  3. If booted into CFW have the console in aeroplane mode or no Wifi setup.
  4. If you don’t mind using the RCM Jig on a cold boot the don’t install AutoRCM.

Samsung EVO Plus SD Card: [UK] | [US]

RCM Jig: [UK] | [US]

USB C to USB A Cable: [UK] | [US]

Switch Homebrew Apps:

This video is sponsored by SX Flashcart UK where you can purchase SX OS and SX Pro.

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